Culture and the Mind – interdisciplinary workshop

This workshop brings together anthropologists, historians, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists and mental health activists in order to explore different conceptualisations of the relationship between culture/'cultural difference' and the human mind as they are reflected in a variety of disciplines.

We are interested in examining how the mind, psychological suffering and healing have been imagined and described in different socio-cultural contexts, as well as in the role of cultural difference in developing different definitions of what it means to be human. Moreover, the presenters will reflect on how different academic disciplines have understood or constructed the role of cultural and social environments in shaping the core traits of human psychology – and how culturally specific medical models of the psyche interacted with lay and religious conceptualisations.

The workshop considers a variety of actors and their role in these processes – including mental health patients and survivors, as well as their families – and addresses and historicizes different attempts at developing universal, cross-cultural definitions of the mind.


See abstracts (pdf).


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